The Phanariot [2e Update/Variant]

’cause all work and no games makes Johnny a dull boy!



So, as I’ve noticed, when I’m doing a blog post, I don’t have much time during that week to do some other creative things- such as actually writing the ideas I am talking about in this blog. As such, I’ve decided to dedicate this week for writing a new homebrew. The question, however, was “what”. I’ve tried a number of things, from starting a very messy entry for the Celebrants I’ve talked about in My Exalted Devil, to the Aided cabal I talked about in my hunter concepts blog. Yet, every time I tried to write, the ideas simply didn’t came through. Creative block, of some sort. I things simply didn’t wanted to be written.

Perhaps it was because another idea wanted it even more.

I must say, that when Half Damned was announced, I had many hopes for the book- most of them were quit rational ones, like getting a more in depth look upon Dhampirs and Revenants or finally getting an answer about whether ghouls could learn Devotions or not. Others were much more slim- like getting the Phanariot from Mythologies updated to 2e, with them having some connection to the strix. Unfortunately, Half Damned came out more or less as an hot mess, presenting vampires in a way which went against everything which was established in the later 1e books and 2e (that is, dead, heartless monsters which can’t feel emotions and at best lie to themselves about it). Worse, many parts of the book seems to contradict one under, or were written in an unclear way, or simply did not made sense. It did had some cool ideas, but many of them were too undeveloped (like the ale or that dhampir hunter conspiracy).

And if course, when your rational hopes are not fulfilled, it is no wonder that your slim ones are not granted either.

Since then, the urge to update the Phanariot was buzzing in my mind. Perhaps it was the Ones Outside who whispered to me, who knows? At any case, I knew it was only a matter of time before I would submit to their cold touch, and here is the result- the Phanariot, with all their terrible glory, starting from a nice bedtime story told once upon a midnight darkly. Hope you’ll like it!

The Phanariot

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