The Phanariot [2e Update/Variant]

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So, as I’ve noticed, when I’m doing a blog post, I don’t have much time during that week to do some other creative things- such as actually writing the ideas I am talking about in this blog. As such, I’ve decided to dedicate this week for writing a new homebrew. The question, however, was “what”. I’ve tried a number of things, from starting a very messy entry for the Celebrants I’ve talked about in My Exalted Devil, to the Aided cabal I talked about in my hunter concepts blog. Yet, every time I tried to write, the ideas simply didn’t came through. Creative block, of some sort. I things simply didn’t wanted to be written.

Perhaps it was because another idea wanted it even more.

I must say, that when Half Damned was announced, I had many hopes for the book- most of them were quit rational ones, like getting a more in depth look upon Dhampirs and Revenants or finally getting an answer about whether ghouls could learn Devotions or not. Others were much more slim- like getting the Phanariot from Mythologies updated to 2e, with them having some connection to the strix. Unfortunately, Half Damned came out more or less as an hot mess, presenting vampires in a way which went against everything which was established in the later 1e books and 2e (that is, dead, heartless monsters which can’t feel emotions and at best lie to themselves about it). Worse, many parts of the book seems to contradict one under, or were written in an unclear way, or simply did not made sense. It did had some cool ideas, but many of them were too undeveloped (like the ale or that dhampir hunter conspiracy).

And if course, when your rational hopes are not fulfilled, it is no wonder that your slim ones are not granted either.

Since then, the urge to update the Phanariot was buzzing in my mind. Perhaps it was the Ones Outside who whispered to me, who knows? At any case, I knew it was only a matter of time before I would submit to their cold touch, and here is the result- the Phanariot, with all their terrible glory, starting from a nice bedtime story told once upon a midnight darkly. Hope you’ll like it!

The Phanariot

Chapter 29: Many Lights in the Darkness (Hunter Organization Concepts)

So, as I assume that most of those who read this blog know, I’ve written a decent amount of Hunter Compacts and Conspiracies during my activity as an homebrewer. What can I say? I love occult organizations, and hunter is simply so friendly toward including so many of those, have a nice, clean and free system for adding new Endowments and have the ability to host a large number of Hunter organizations. While I have since has expanded my writing interest into other games, Hunter still has (and I believe, would always have) a warm place in my heart. Still, it seems that I always have more ideas than time to write them down, but it does not mean I should just neglect them and let them rot. While I do have plans for some grand projects (as were my Strains of the Cursed Blood, Civil Wars and Heirs of the Lie) in the form of Vigilant Industries (as was suggested by SunlessNick), Vigilant Times or Candles Around the World, I still have many small organizations that simply could exist on their own- and as I don[‘t have a lot of time right now, I’m simply going to use this blog in order to list them as one-liners. Feel free to say which ones you are more interested in seeing!

(not that the names are only temporary titles, and not finale versions)

Light Bringers (General)

Sword of Anat- heirs of ancient tradition from the time of Phoenicia, who hold the blessing of their goddess against the horrors of sea and death

To Hop Lai- a conspiracy which specialize in fighting underground horrors and neutralizing their threat before it is too late

EVIL GAME- a cabal of slashers who use a social network system in order to drive people to suicide in the form of a twisted game

Wu Nung- Sorcerers who speak with the unseen world in an attempt to “meditate” supernatural conflicts

Night Stalkers (Vampires)

Bata’a- conspiracy of musicians reaching forming from the ruins of an older organization during the Atlantic Slave Trade, which hunts the dead by listening to their Requiem

Anusiya- iranian hunters born from Zoroastrian tradition which burn their own blood to banish the night

Hollow Ones- collection of wild and creative hunters who seek to learn from vampires and use their Vitae as a source of art

Zaibatsu- japanese company which develops new technologies in order to fight the terror of the undead

Valdaermen- rune crafters from the Viking Era which seek the challenge if fighting death itself and putting unworthy souls to their grave

Church of the Sun- Mysterious lineage born from an ancient god which carries the power of the sun in their veins

Spirit Stalkers (Werewolf)

Apostles of the Sun- cults which comes all the way from ancient Greece and which traps the “feathers” of the sun in special artifacts to wear its power

Madzimbabwe- African tradition which seeks to cross the boundary between man and beast, spirit and flesh and life and death

Witch Finders (Mages)

Eyes of the Zorya- followers of an dark star which leads them to fight against the tyranny of heaven using dark magics

Pure Ones- gnostic sect which believes that by projecting their sins into other people and kill them they can free themselves from the rule of the Demiurge

Ahl i Batin- network of muslim hunters through the middle east which use a supernatural web to bind witches and twist space

Riders of Tengri- shaminstic sect of hunters which invokes the blessings of the sky against the spirit world

Syndicate- merchants which trade with human lives and souls with the foulest of magician in exchange for blessings and curses

Iteration X- creators of a supernatural machine which invokes Platonic Forms in order to arm humanity against the darkness

Torch Bearers (Promethean)

Taftani- organization of crafters from the time of the Achaemenid Empire which traps the Divine Fire and the Djinn in tools of bronze

Akashic Brotherhood- Buddhist hunters which use the flames of heaven to perfect their body, mind and soul against the darkness

Sons of Ether- scientists which seek to harness Pyros as a source of energy in order to create impossible inventions

To Faan- cannibals and infernalists which search after targets which carry a “special spark” in their souls in service to dark demon lords

Saensaeng- artisans which harvest the pyros found naturally in the world in order to grow their relics from the womb of earth

Dream Catchers (Changeling)

Ngoma- group of african hunters that use special masks in order to become invisible to the sight of demons and the whispers of fate

Wu Lung- organization claiming to descent from the era of Qin Dynsaty which use calligraphy to bind the Wyrd and invoke strange magics

Taiping Tianguo- anarchists that move in the guise of street performers and work in the service of the Gentry to track down the Lost, in order to poison the Hedge from the inside

Grave Robbers (Geist)

Queen Anne’s Revenge- ghost pirates from the stories of old, which steal souls and enslave the dead to service in their ships

Euthothanos- harvesters united during the Black Plague which steal the lives of others in order to prolong their own existence

Aided- irish cabal of druids that use a special brand of death song in order to bind the dead and invoke the Underworld

Bagua- Taoist sect that search to balance the natural harmony of the world and allowing the dead to leave without tainting the land

Kopa Loei- Polynesian hunters which raise strange monsters born out of death in order to track down and defeat the dead

Heralds of the End- apocalyptic cult which search to bring the light of Heaven to Earth by creating enough “critical mass” using souls

Tomb Raiders (Mummy)

Adonei HaYam- biblical conspiracy wearing new face which hunts for sea born monstrosities born from sekhem

Celestial Masters- astrologers which follow and map the stars and invoke their terrible fates upon the Undying

Zi Guang- agricultural organization which use sekhem in order to feed the world and grow new and strange species of harvest

Scare Calvaire- french organization originating from the time of Napoleon’s empire which use the wealth of fallen civilizations for a better future

Hell Binders (Demon)

Divine Artificer- compact from Salem’s Era, when they used the tools of God in order to track down and hunt its fallen servants

Guard of Idols- conspiracy of Axumite descent which use sacred relics of metal and a special form of songs in order to tune to God and invoke his gifts

Hell Knights- barbarian order of murderers which scar themselves with demonic runes and search to harvest souls in Heaven’s name

Coven of Beelzebub- a cult born from the unfortunate instance of archaeologists finding a relic which should have remained buried, and awakening a demon lord from its sleep

Myth Breakers (Beast)

Shadow Walkers- secret cabal of killers which use Dreamwalking as a tool for their murder

Etenmenanki- dark conspiracy which works from the times of the Babylonian Empire that attempts to ascend into a terrible form of insatiable godhood

Miao Guan- peacemakers which manipulates the Primordial Dream in order to control minds and enforce order

Dreamspeakers- shamans which can meditate themselves into the Dream and commune directly with the Horrors with the help of strange spirit guides

Ksirafai- a circle of assassins and guardians of law existing since Byzantium that use the tools of the Machine to bind the horrors of the Mother

Renegade Chasers (Deviant)

Nothing, for now 😛

I hope that soon I’ll have enough time to write my hopefully last cosmology post, after which I’ll focus on finishing my OD for the First Temple. What’s next? Well, we’ll have to wait and see 🙂 (and yeah, I do remember on continuing my interviews, don’t worry)

New Compact: the Domus Sanctus

Inspired by the latest H:tV 2e preview, I’ve decided to write down a compact based around fighting not monsters, but places, both Tainted and Sentient. While monsters come and go all the time, Tainted places felt an antagonist which presents an interesting challenge to the Cell- one which could not be solved as easily as fighting a random horror on the street. Evil places are always a great challenge in horror movies, such as Paranormal Activity or 1408, where the line between the monster and the cursed place seems to blur. I’ve decided to go to 2nd Tier instead of 3rd Tier for it felt like the group would benefit more from being much more “bottom up”, being made from people who simply fight to do the good thing instead of being caught up by some weird ideology which tries to create heaven upon earth (which would probably be my 3rd tier version for the group). I’ve also decided to take a religious aesthetics, as it felt appropriate for a group which tries to “purify” places from evil. Anyway, here is a sneak peak to the new compact, hope you’ll like it!



This world is fucked up.

They call it the darkness. They call it crime. They call it entropy. They call it a disease. They give it many names- but in the end, the world is simply fucked up. It’s fucked up on the mundane side of things, with criminals and murderers and cultists, serial killers and kidnappers and people who had their mind broken when something else leaked in. It’s fucked up on the supernatural side of things, with monsters and spirits and undead, vampires and werewolves and horrors cloaked with unholy majesty. This world is fucked up- and this is why you have hunters, vigilantes who act outside of the law and take it upon themselves to deal with things which the regular system simply can’t deal with. People who carry the candle, and use it to cast light into the depths of the darkness. They hunt monsters, fight demons, shoot slashers between their eyes and sacrifice their lives in order to give an hope for a better future.

But that’s only taking care of the symptoms. The disease itself still remains.

The problem is, that this world is fucked up.


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