Chapter 28: Diabolical Exaltation (yozi in CofD, pt 2)

So, I’m feeling a bit unwell this week, and I also have some things to deal with- so instead of doing the last cosmology post, I’ll give yet another look on Yozi inspired material for the CofD- but this time, instead of vast phenomena, we’ll focus around template ideas inspired by the Demon Princes of Creation. Let’s start, shall we?

Malfeas- I feel like the Celebrants mentioned in the God Machine Chronicles could be tied nicely to the Demon City, not to mention my previous ides for adapting it to the setting (that is, the roaming, viceful city in dreams). For example, people who join the city’s endless celebration of decadence, and become Celebrants by themselves. Could be used as Beast antagonists.

Cecelyne- ammm the whole “servants of the Judges” is already fulfilled by the core Arisen, but perhaps something about Duatic Demons would be appropriate.

She Who Lives in Her Name- An hive like society bound by a mystical name and the burning crystals from the previous post. Reminds me of the old suggestion for Hive: the Unity splat.

Adorjan- so something in the style of silent, dark winds which assassinate their enemies? Yeah, I need to write down my Saru Salamu already 😛

Ebon Dragon- shadows of passion and doom sounds a bit too similar to my version of the Ale. I may adapt it to some other concept, like Shadow People which serve as a combination between Beast and Vampire, or use my earlier pitch for draconic shadow beings, but it would be on low priority.

Kimbery- so we talked about the vitriolic horrors birthed from the Pits, why not to play one of those?

Cytherea- some form of “alternative Awakening” could be appropriate. Maybe connected to the Ananke, with their role to the Supernal’s version of fate.

Oramus- if we go with the cult’s concept from earlier, we could use it for another “alternative awakening” idea.

Isidoros- I really do dig the Beast/Werewolf hybrid concept, as some form of wereboars with connection to the Void and the Dream.

Sacheverel- further developing the Sleeping Sickness concept, they could serve as alternative/advanced stigmatics of some kind.

Hegra- ammmm something Changelingy about dreams and nightmares, perhaps a new breed of Fae creatures formed when Glamour Storms are strong.

Ellog- I think on a mini template which can preform pledges and write down whole worlds. That sounds like a fun experiment.

Szorney- well, time to update my Doppelganger template, right?

Qaf- some sort of mystic/hermit splat, not sure if connected to the Supernal or the Divine Fire.

Metagaos- so instead of hungry places, vampires which are created by those hungry places?

Achsam- a new Charlatan variant, I think

Cabasilis- I’m really not sure… something about conspiracies, perhaps an advanced/alternative Dreamer/Lost Boys splat?

Nimozini- we could use the Librarians described in the previous post and adapt them for here.

Xanichi- ammm kind of blank right now. Perhaps we could use it for my Underfolk template concept.

Anapuul- the whole Swarm thing when tied to the Dream could be used nicely as an alternative Devouring- one formed by the Swarm, instead of by an Horror.

Jheel Khan- I want to do something in the style of the Charlatan’s Parade from Vanitas no Carte. I’ll think what I can do.

Lykkennan- some sort of hungry underworld monstrosity, of course. Still not sure about the details.

Mardukth- the ghost template presented in the previous post could be interesting to explore.

Ta’akozoka- tentacled dead monstrosities of the endless sea?

Ramethus- individuals who self transform themselves into living weapons sounds like something to explore.

Hunanura- yeah, I already have write a splat of ice and cold which tries to devour the world, so the Domemim get it covered 😛

Mabhaddoth- ammmm I’m really not sure right now.. what about high priests of the Judges of some kind? Or perhaps a temple guardian template? Something else?

Theion- yeah, the qashmalim enhanced hunters concept from the previous post already covers this.

Adrian- we have covered what would happen for a promethean who tries to cross the River of Torments, but we could assume that maybe something more interesting waits for those mortals who finish the crossing other than becoming Alchemists. Even better- what about the pandorans who cross the river? Now, that’s sounds like something worthy to be explored!

Chiskabal- something demonic about once perfect, now tarnished beauty. Some form of alternative demons, I assume- perhaps formed from angels who start hearing the Perfect Note, even though it may have a certain overlap with the Satan Signal. Needs to think about it.

Gaia- we talked about Essence Alchemy earlier, so Essence Alchemists of some form? Maybe we could tie them to an expanded form of the Wardens from Immortals?

Autochthon- the Android concept I’ve had could work nicely in here

Cemunian- a flesh horror of some kind, still not sure about the exact details. Again, we could turn to V:tM for inspiration.

Scarlet Phoenix- a template representation of the Lucifuge would be appropriate.



So yeah, this week’s post was very rough and short, but that’s what I could achieve in such a short notice. Giving a some heads up- I’m going to become a bit less regular about me posts in the next few weeks, as I have some presentations to do for my university, and I want to focus on the rest of my time on writing some of the homebrew I talked about in this blog. If I’ll get to write down something, I’ll make sure to also post it in the blog, so you won’t miss it. See you next time!


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